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Our ambitions include; environmentally friendly.... technology solutions, sustainable living practices, cooperative economics, and humanitarian inspired politics. By supporting our services, you are supporting innovation for a healthier, more prosperous, and eco-educated global environment. Since the inception of this project, 'Profit with Principles' have been the focal points in our quest to promote integrity among ethical business. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions to aide with the public embracement of business balanced with nature. In the future we hope others will join our group, and take the challenge...

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The Truth Behind The Energy Lie (What the Energy cartels don't want you to see)

The energy crisis is a lie, here is the evidence...

This documentary covers various inventors and suppressed inventions. Such as, Nikola Tesla, Marco Rodin, Stan Meyers, Water powered cars (HHO gas) water, dirt, and air batteries, "kelvins thunderstorm", Stirling engines, the "n-machine", and several others. Includes several Experiments you can try at home with household materials, proving that the Energy Crisis is a lie, and solutions are all around us, we just have to be willing to look. well worth watching, even if you know a lot about "free energy" you may learn something you didn't know.

If a civilization truly wishes to consider itself civilized, it must embrace all technological and scientific advances. The suppression of any technological advance, can not be tolerated if we wish to be a 'civil'ization. we must ask ourselves if we are working for the benefit of all mankind, or working for the benefit of a few businessman and politicians. The fact that we are unnecessarily poisoning our planet, our home, when their are numerous solutions, raises several questions as to why these technologies are being suppressed. The root of the problem is almost entirely one thing, greed. We as a society can no longer focus our entire efforts into what is profitable, because what is profitable is not always right, and what is right is not always profitable.

GAS HOLE (2010)

The documentary starts with a description of technology that they claim has been 'buried and hidden, despite its ability of gas mileage improvement in cars and also reducing oil consumption'. It features interviews with multiple witnesses, as well as actual inventors of "vapor cars" that run on water in place of oil as early as World War II

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

A mystery surrounds Tesla. His contributions, which were great in many, have descended into obscurity. Why? Nikola Tesla was a humanitarian, a US patriot, and yes an unbridled genius. Though he has often been personified as the quintessential mad scientist. Perhaps his only real misdeed was being born ahead of his time. Teslas idea was to be able to provide power equally to all people on Earth. At this time there are 2 to 3 billion people on this planet that cant go home at night and turn on the lights. The people that cant are living in poverty. And Tesla saw that there was a division between that have and the have-nots. And he was determined to make electrical power equally available to all people on this planet as a gift. This is the story of the man that time forgot and the US government which did no justice to him.


A look into what free or cheap energy will do to present oil corporations and the economy.

Beyond Chemtrails Conference (2012) - Bruce Douglas

Bruce Douglas was an organiser for the Chemtrail/Geoengineering Symposium in April 27, 2012 held in Maui. Douglas is also the originator of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance bill currently under review by Maui County Council member Ellie Cochran who is actively behind the legislation.

The proposed ordinance states that the people of the County of Maui recognize that geoengineers have proposed the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of reversing the effects of global warming and cooling the planet. Supporters of the bill want geoengineers to notify and gain approval from the county with an environmental impact statement before spraying anything related to climate manipulation in Maui County skies.

Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production (Part 1)

Over 5 years of research has enabled us to collect over 10 hours of data to illustrate how bad the problem is and justify ours or ANY proposed solution.

Panacea's FREE energy suppression documentary (researcher's edition) is material intended to help the media publish the information to the public. Alternative and suppressed FREE energy devices are needed to be disclosed to the public with a suppression script to educate and motivate them to all eyes on the cartels that would financially benefit from the suppression of this technology. This is to help achieve PUBLIC SOCIAL REFORM, safety, security, get endorsement and build consumer awareness and demand.

Featured in this video: Nikola Tesla, Nathan Stubblefield, Pogue Carburetor 200 MPG, Tom Ogle, Fuel, Vaporizers, Viktor Schauberger, Bob Teal, Thomas Townsend Brown, Buckminster Fuller, John F Kennedy, Henry Moray, Hemp, Henry Ford car, Bio diesel from hemp, Electric vehicles, Avion sports car, Tank, hydrogen cars, Jack Nicholson, United Nuclear, Daniel Dingel, Solar energy suppression - Jimmy Carter, John Bedini, Raymond Rife, Hydroxy boosters, Tatra T87 (aerodynamics), Bios Fuel, Stan Meyer, Stan   Meyer thermal explosive energy, Water spark plug, XOGen, Yull Brown, Paul Zigouras, Bob Boyce, Dave Lawton, Ravi Raju, Isaac De Rivaz, Francisco Pacheco, Charles Garrett / G H Garrett, Archie Blue, Genepax, Russian Water Engine, Herman Anderson, Firestorm Spark Plug, Ball tipped spark plug, HydroFuel, Cornish hydrogen, Hydrosonic Pump, Disclosure Project, Matthew Carson, David Hamilton, Theodore Loder, Paul LaViolette, Thomas Valone, Tom Bearden, Mark Mcandalish, John Maynard, RAFE MAIR Show with Harold Berndt April 2005, Fife Symington, Lockheed SkunkWorks, Astronauts speak out on Roswell, Gordon Cooper on government UFO suppression, Steven Greer on energy suppression (Orion Project, Disclosure Project), Fastwalkers - Steven Greer, Obama to disclose x files on Anti Gravity Technology, Dan Akroyd interviewed by David Sereda (Disclosure Project, UFO technology), A Case For NASA UFOs, NASA compilation by Martin Stubbs, Senator Daniel, Wolfhard Willimczik, Focus Fusion, Roto Verter, Stefan Nystrom, Magnetic motor technologies, Steorn, Perendev Power, Lutec, Robert Adams, Thomas Valone - Patent suppression, Evergreen Amplifier, Howard Johnson, Mylow, Kohei Minato, Kawai, Wang Shum Ho
Parallel path magnetic motor, John Searl, Cycclone, Energy By Motion, Eric Dollard, David Sereda, Peter Sumaruck, Philo T Farnsworth, Tucker, Shell Opel, Hungarian free energy suppression, James DeMeo, Trevor James Constable, Chuck Larue energy saver, Gravity Assisted free energy, Bob Mary, Veljko Milkovic, Johann Bessler, Compressed air motors, Lee Rogers, Maruf Karimov, Kim Zorzi, aircaraccess.com, Willhelm Reich, Bill Muller, Richard Willis / Magna Coaster, Paul Pantone, Joseph Newman, John Hutchison

Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production (Part 2)

Featured in this video: Mark Tomion / Star Drive, The Lockridge Device, and Arie DeGeus. Part 2 suppression cases: Segment# 1: Mark Tomion / Star Drive, The Lockridge Device, Arie DeGeus 2 - 7: Project Camelot / A New World - If You Can Take It (Conference July 2009 ft Brian O'Leary and Henry Deacon) 8: Henry Deacon makes a statement on stage to support Brian O'Leary's presentation on free energy, Project Camelot / A New World - If You Can Take It (Conference July 2009 ft Brian O'Leary and Henry Deacon) 9 - 16: Project Camelot / A New World - If You Can Take It (Conference July 2009 ft Brian O'Leary and Henry Deacon) 17: Project Camelot / A New World - If You Can Take It (Conference July 2009 ft Brian O'Leary and Henry Deacon), Floyd Sweet 18: Floyd Sweet, Cold Fusion 19: Cold Fusion, EV Gray 20: Tom Bearden talking about a past suppression case from Russia 21: Tom Bearden talking about a past suppression case from Russia, Panacea - How They Went Wrong 22 - 23: Panacea - How They Went Wrong 24 - 28: Panacea presents "Hijacking Humanity" showing corporate law 29 - 30: Panacea - How They Went Wrong 31: Panacea - How They Went Wrong, conclusion.

IPCC - 11th Session of Working Group 3 - May, 2011

FREE ENERGY - Luminaries ft. Aishah (Music Video)

Hemp Can Save the World -
Nutiva, ELEVATE, The Luminaries, Aishah and Clayton Joseph Scott


Thank you to the nearly 50,000 who demonstrated on Presidents Day Weekend at the Washington Monument, the thousands at 20+ solidarity rallies across the country, and the more than one million online activists who stood up and spoke out to tell President Obama that right now its time to move Forward on Climate. (Published on Feb 20, 2013)


So you think we have an energy problem?
No, we have a political problem



"The science has been in for more than two decades: Human use of fossil fuels creating unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases is altering the chemistry of the atmosphere, leading to climate and weather effects that will be chaotic and devastating. Continued increases in emissions will only exacerbate what is already an out-of-control atmospheric transformation of the biosphere -- our only home.

We claim brainpower makes us superior to the rest of life on this planet. But what use is intelligence if we don't use it to respond to threats and opportunities? After all, foresight was a great human attribute that brought us to a position of dominance on the planet. We used our knowledge and experiences to look ahead and recognize potential dangers and favourable circumstances so we could take some control over our destiny by acting to avoid hazards and exploit possibilities.

This is Canada's moment. We are confronting a crisis with the economy and energy. No economy can grow forever; it is impossible on a finite planet. Shouldn't we ask what an economy is for? How much is enough? What are the limits?

The future of energy in Canada will determine the fate of our society."

Read the full article at: http://www.thesudburystar.com


"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." - Ansel Adam

"Canada has a role to play, because we are part of the problem, and must be part of the solution....The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy – for our environment and for our future." - Stéphane Dion (Canadian Liberal Leader - 2007)

"The Green party will come of age as the kids come of age, if kids five years and up could have voted, I would have won in a landslide.’ - Elizabeth May (Canadian Green Party leader 2008)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

"Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do." - Michel de Montaigne

"Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit." - Hosea Ballou

"We must become the change we want to see in the world" - Mohandas Gandhi

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” - Mohandas Gandhi


IPCC SRREN: Full Report
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Lloyd's - 360 Risk Project
Climate Change - Adapt or bust (PDF)


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